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Fish of the Week: New Year's carp

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Paul Pezalla nabbed his second Fish of the Week with this 15-pound, 13-ounce carp caught on New Year's Day, which marked a significant personal mark.


Pezalla, one of Chicago's foremost carp fisherman and founder of Wacker Bait & Tackle LLC in Broadview, was fishing in the Carp Anglers Group First Fishing Folly, a casual national catch-a-carp-in-the-cold event.

Here's Paul's tale:

Managed to get in a few hours of fishing yesterday (1/1/10) as a participant in the Carp Anglers Group First Fishing Folly (FFF), a casual national catch-a-carp-in-the-cold event.

This fish was taken at 9:15am on the First, air temp about 8F and water temp 44F. Weight 15lbs 13oz. It is a significant fish to me because it marks the 120th consequtive month that I have caught a Chicago-area carp.

I'm impressed.

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Congratulations Paul. A carp every month for ten years.....that is quite an accomplishment.

Well Done Paul!

Well done Paul. Congratulations!!

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