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Faith restored: Supreme Court denies locks injunction

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My faith in our government is restored. The Supreme Court denied Michigan the injunction to shut the locks on Chicago waterways to prevent the spread of Asian carp to the Great Lakes.

This story is not going away. There will be more to come.

But at least the justices kept us from going off the deep end.

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It is absolutely ridiculous that the two locks will not be closed. This could potentially devastate the Great Lakes fishery and recreational resources. A decision needs to be made to close the locks until viable alternative solutions can be researched and implemented.

I fear we will regret our inaction in the near future!

Nothing like a short sighted government. This will affect not only the great lakes but every stream and river that feeds it.

Not just the fishing industry, tourism industry but the whole delicate eco-system.

Stupid. Just plain stupid.

It was an engineering marvel to turn the Chicago River around, but now that marvel threatens the livelihood of all the Great Lakes. Let shipping concerns figure out how to do containers on Trucks and the RailRoad for now, until someone figures out how to kill off this Carp threat to an entire ecosystem.

I have been watching this story from New York. The whole thing is depressing. I fully understand the commercial interests resisting the closing of waterways, but it seems so foolish to me to deny the danger of the invasive carp.
Investments, jobs, money and business relationships could all be restored later if the locks were closed now. Unfortunately, once the carp get into the lake, they will likely be there for all time. And from there, they will spread to the hundreds of freshwater waterways stretching from Minnesota to the Saint Lawrence.
A shame.

Look at a map before going off on tangents that aren't based on facts.
The Grand Calumet will guide the carp to where they wish to go, not the O'Brien lock.
The stupidity is in not seeking the knowledge to back an argument.

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