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Buck of the Week: Rattlin' in big

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Vito Abbinant is no stranger to big bucks, but the one he bagged in Jo Daviess County on Oct. 18 is extra special, and Buck of the Week.


It's a long tale, but a good one from the Streamwood man:

Hi my name is Vito Abbinant and and my passion is bow hunting. On october 18, 2009 815am I have an experience i will never forget. I was bow hunting with my cousin on my uncles property in jodaviess county when I saw this giant 10 pointer 150 yards on top of a ridge walking away from my stand. I instantly grabed my grunt call trying to get this bucks attention which the brute did not respond. so then i tryed my estres bleet call which also did not get this bucks attention. by this time the once in a life time brute was about 200 yards away from me at the top of the ridge. I tryed my last trick which was my antlers. i rattled them extra loud and hard and this buck stopped and did a 180 degree turn walking directly down the ridge at me. i stayed sitting down in my treestand to eliminate any extra movement and when he was at the bottom of the ridge i came to full draw on my bow. when he was walking up the revine he stepped out 30 yards from my tree looking directly at me. this smart mature whitetail knew something wasnt right about his surrounding because he stopped and looked directly into my eyes and crouched down ready to run away. i normally would wait for an animal to turn broad side but in this case my only chance at harvesting this enormas whitetail was to take the most difficult shot through the brisket, the hardest part of the animal which is the front chest of the deer. i pulled the trigger on my bow release and it was a direct hit. this buck ran about 180 yard where he fell and came to his death. this non-tipical whitetails gross score was 219 1/4 inch boone and crocket, weighed 295 lbs. dressed out, and was a mature 5 year old deer. Its score will possibly be entered into the record book for boone and crocket for jodaviess county for a bow kill. the antlers spread inside to inside was 24 inches and the main beam was 10 inches in circumfrence. His neck was 29 3/4 inches in circumfrence. With 2 other boone and crockets and a pope and young on the wall already this was my biggest buck i have ever harvested and will be a hard one to beat. thank you for your time and i hope this will make a great story in the outdoor report.

I agree. It does make a great story.

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