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Buck of the Week: Cook County Christmas

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Cady Walsh nominated stepdad Henry Campbell for Buck of the Week with this 10-point from Cook County, on Christmas Eve.


And I might add it is quite the tale.

Here it is from Walsh:

I would like to nominate my step dad Henry Campbell for you Buck of the Week. He shot this deer Christmas Eve on our farm in Cook County. The turkey was on the table, Grandma and Grandpa were at the house sitting at the dinner table when Hank walked in with blood on his hands from field dressing this deer. Mom put tin foil over the turkey, the potatoes back in the oven and told Grandpa to find a football game on TV. Dinner was going to have to wait because Momma had to help get a deer out of the woods and into the cooler. I think he deserves Buck of the Week because he has waited a long time to get a big deer. He has passed on many smaller bucks thinking to himself, " You'll never get a big buck if you shoot them when they're small." It turned out to be a 10 point, 165 pound deer.

That's quite a turn-out and present.

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Your readers might like to know that Henry is a very generous and good natured man, who has gone several years without arrowing small bucks, in his quest for a trophy. He also shares his expertise with others. Earlier this season he introduced me to Elk Hunting in Gunnison, Colorado and is personally responsible for my success there. On the first morning of the first day, I took a beautiful 5 x 5 bull. Henry should be Hunter of the Week, if not the 2009 -2010 season.

Nice Job Henry!

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