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Asian carp: SU supports closing the locks

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I am somewhat surprised by this, but Salmon Unlimited has come out in supoort of closing the Chicago-area locks as a stop-gap measure to prevent the spread of Asian carp into the Great Lakes.

Here's the statement from SU:

After careful consideration of the ramifications introducing Asian Carp into the Great lakes would cause, the board of Salmon Unlimited of Illinois has voted to support the closing of the locks leading from the canals into Lake Michigan. It is our opinion the threat to the lake and its tributaries is greater than the threat of possible flooding or loss of jobs to businesses that use the canals. We realize that this should be a short term decision until a better long term solution can be developed by the government agencies studying the problem at this time. At risk is a 7.5 billion dollar sport fishing industry located in the Great Lakes and according to the biologists, the fish are now beyond the locks. It is our opinions that immediate action is required and closing the locks will not only slow the progress of the Asian carp, but will also increase the urgency of our government to decide on a more encompassing solution. We regret the inconvenience to boaters and loss of jobs this would cause, but doing nothing will cause much greater harm to many more boaters, fisherman and businesses in several states and Canada if this new invasive species is allowed to spread unabated.

Captain Jim Nelligan USCG 50 Ton Master Great Lakes

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I believe that Salmon Unlimited is in favor of temporarily closing the locks for a good reason. And one reason is to gain some time for the governmental agencies to draw up a fool proof plan that will keep the Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes Basin and all of the tributaries that lead into all of the Great Lakes.

Please feel free to log onto our web site at:

Salmon Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization representing sport fishing interests in southern Lake Michigan and its tributaries. Founded in 1971, Salmon Unlimited has been instrumental in helping to establish and maintain the world-class salmon and trout fishery that we enjoy today. Our vision is to achieve the betterment of conditions for those individuals engaged in sport fishing on Lake Michigan by fostering and promoting the general welfare of the lake and the fishery therein. Our goals include:

· To develop a higher degree of sport fishing techniques through the exchange of ideas, information and incidents of practical experience among the members;.

· To represent and act on behalf of members before divisions of government, and before public and private organizations whose activities affect sport fishing in Lake Michigan, with the purpose of protecting these waters against pollution, invasive species and exploitation by commercial fishing, industry, and other organizations;

· To monitor and obtain relief from legislation and regulations detrimental to sport fishing and other conditions that may impair efforts of any member to fish Lake Michigan and adjoining waters;

· To work in partnership with the DNR hatchery and stocking programs to support a healthy salmon fishery for all to enjoy.

Bob Goodman
Salmon Unlimited Illinois
Vice President

I guess there's something I don't understand. I always thought it just takes two fish (1 male & 1 female) to create many more fish. So if two or 1002 fish get in Lk. Michigan. What the hell is the difference. Maybe it will take a little longer for them to populate the lake, but they still will. Closing the the locks is not going to make a bid of a difference. And if anyone thinks it's going to make a difference, they better do their homework. So I think what i'm trying to say is lets find a way we can control them in the big lake. They are there. Oh yea they did find Asian Carp in Lake Erie.
Ken S.

Ken S. is correct. Asian carp are already in Lake Erie and have been for years. Check it on the web.

I hope people won't mind standing in bread lines, because that is what will happen if you close the locks. The locks are a vital part of our economic system not only for Chicagoland but the US. There are MILLIONS of tons of cargo that go through the locks on a yearly basis. What has happened here is the State of Michigan which has no economy due to their present govenor wishes to wreck the economy of NW Ind and Ill. They have thrown out a study by Dr. Kolar which proves the Asian Carp COULD NOT survive let alone thrive in Lake Mich. Again the DNA that they found is also questionable. DON'T BELIEVE what these people are doing to our economy.

Sounds like there could be something to the accusation that costs to shipping/tourism may be overstated. However, on the other side I see 7.5 billion as the size of the Great Lakes sport fishing industry. Says who? Where did this figure come from?

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