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America's Outdoor Show: My finds

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Here are some new things I found at America's Outdoor Show yesterday.


I was gossiping with the guys in the Plano booth when I noticed this neat wood carving of the Great Lakes across the aisle.

So I wandered over to the Backwoods Carving booth.

The carver is Terry Ward, a Michigan cabinet maker. Rather than go down with the economy, he turned to computer-controlled routing to make neat carvings in maple, cherry or oak of lakes, based on topographic maps.

He has thousands of options for maps. The one of Lake Michigan is on display at the show, with some others, and is just pretty cool. Prices range from $195-$315.

``A lot of people come in and say I had no idea it looked that way,'' he said.

Go to


In the Plano booth, Doug Riewski proudly showed off the Liqua-Bait Locker System, which took a Best of Show at the I-Cast last summer, rather niftily contains scents and scented baits. In my world, even niftier was the Bucket Topper StowAway, a topper for a 5-gallon bucket that also has uses for dove or squirrel hunters, as well as fisherman.


The Complete Shelter is the latest, and I mean latest, in outdoor shelters for quads. It attaches to quads with a simple wing-nut arrangement and was the most innovative thing I saw at the show.

This is just nifty, down to the furnace running off the fuel in the quad. There are three models, the most basic is $1,295, while the high end one goes for $3,495. But that high end one is a piece of work, down to the absolute latest in flatscreen television, a Vizio Razor. Owner/designer Terry Minix said he has been through like five versions and this is only the second show he where he has displayed The Complete Shelter.

Guides and resort owners were checking out his invention. ``It is as much a conversation piece as anything,'' Minix said of recent trips on the ice.


americashow01-27-10louiswoodsEnjoythefightThen there was Wolf River guide Louis Woods.

He was working the Fremont (Wis.) Chamber of Commerce booth, but he also had along a very neat strap-on brace so fishermen with MS, arthritis or poor circulation requiring gloves can still fish. Go to


The show runs through Sunday at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

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While my kids were watching the dogs I chatted with Louis and he gave me a few spots to try this May. Very helpful I'm glad i stopped by to chat with him! That is the point of the shows...1 on 1 interaction that phone & internet cannot match!

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