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Wild Saturday: Snowballs and squirrels

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Is it wrong?


In my world, the moral ending is that my suet basket (above) survived.

There wasn't that much snow this morning, but it was too heavy and sloppy to simply sweep.

So I shoveled. (Considering I sanctimoniously use a push reel mower to mow the lawn, of course, I shoveled and didn't use a blower, for Chrissakes.)

I have the suet feeder in the backyard maple. Near the garage, I was shoveling a final path when I spotted a gray squirrel and not the cuddly neighborhood black one, just a run of the mill gray backyard rodent.

Of course it was trying to gnaw either the basket or the suet block or, knowing those deviant bushytails, both.

Something snapped. In me.

I picked up a wad of snow and it instantly formed a snowball. The next thing I know the snowball had smashed into the tree.

OK, my aim wasn't very good. It wasn't close.

So, I tried again. Or course.

And the furball still clung to the side of the tree, flipping its tail.

I missed the tree. Then came close. Then finally nipped its tail.

At that point, I figured it was time to stop before I clipped it a good one. If that happened, I would fell bad.

That can't happen. I prefer stoking the sweet anger toward the marauders of the backyard.

They'll be back. So will I.

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1 Comment

Give it up ! If there was one thing I learned back when I had feeders was you can't stop those pesky squirrels. I tried everything from greasing the poles to hanging on ultra thin wires to even a contraption that had a sleeve over the pole that slid down when the squirrel would be climbing up. The squirrels actually began using that as a toy ride! They'd ride it down then continue their climb. The only relief I found to keep them off my feeders was to pour a bag of seed on the ground and let them have at it!

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