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Weathering the weekend: Chicago WWW

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The second firearm deer season in Illinois, perch fishing around Chicago, ice fishing in northern Wisconsin and the fish kill on the Sanitary and Ship Canal highlight this Wild Weekend Wanderings around Chicago outdoors.


DEER HUNTING: As the photo suggests, Friday morning was even colder than Thursday morning. The second firearm season in Illinois goes through Sunday. I really wonder with this weather whether hunters will be able to reach 100,000 deer for both seasons.

PERCH: Shore fishing for perch in varying degrees is going at 92nd Street, Montrose and Navy Pier. As usual, it takes a good bit of sorting for keepers. Sometimes, lots of sorting. Arden Katz said Mini-Mites and spikes are outfihing other setups, but minnows are targetting bigger perch better at Montrose. Another hard-core friend said he had perch on every cast on Wednesday at Montrose, but didn't think any were keepers.

For boat perch at Gary Light or out of 95th, I would check with at Mik-Lurch or call (219) 989-0575, most of the hard-core boating perch guys check in there regularly.

FOLLOWING THE FISH KILL: OK, this is technically more of an indoor sport, following the fish kill on the Sanitary and Ship Canal. Go to

FIRST-ICE FISHING: The Eagle River and Hayward areas were fairly certain there would be ice fishing at least at a few places by this weekend.

SANDHILL CRANES: The count peaked a week ago, but there are lots of sandhill cranes coming and going at Jasper-Pulaski FWA southeast of Valparaiso, Ind.

PERSONAL PICKS: My two picks are juggling acts. I am both trying to shoot my deer, so far I have been getting out at dawn for a few hours each day and seeing squat while freezing my butt. . . . Otherwise, I am trying to keep track and get over to the big fish kill. . . . If I get carried away, I may try to sneak in some shore fishing for perch, but more likely that will happen Monday or Tuesday morning.

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What a farce this fish kill is. I have to ask, "are they simply trying to destroy a fishing hole ?
I just read that they collected 47 CUBIC YARDS of dead fish and ONLY ONE ASIAN CARP.
This is utterly ridiculous, they need to concentrate on finding and killing the ones that have already gotten into the Great Lakes
A total waste of taxpayer money and their time!

Duane Chapman is claiming that all the poisoned carp sank. I'll hold my snark, and just ask if Dale can confirm if this has any basis in reality.

The non-thinking cheerleaders are pointing to this comment as evidence the fish kill was a necessary evil.

I fear facts and scientific evidence go out the window when reputations and even livelihoods are on the line.

If true, it seems he's claiming they knowingly put a poison into the food chain. Or why bother cleaning up all the other fish???

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