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Buck of the Week: With a moral

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Nick ``BuckSlayer'' Schwerin arrowed a lifetime buck at 17 and earns a special Buck of the Week. And a special posting of an entire e-mailed tale of some lenghth and in deer camp language, a first I believe in the several years of BOTW. So be forewarned, if deer camp language might offend you, do not continue.


BOTW leads the Illinois Hunting Report in the outdoors page of the Sun-Times on Wednesdays. An extended online version appears here, usually by midnight Tuesday. I am cutting it close tonight.

This is a special BOTW, in that it became a column because I enjoyed his story so much.

Here's the original tale from the Lyons Township senior that caught me:

SERIOUSLY READ THIS!! Good moral to it. Youll be glad you did and i hope all you like this.

(It's probably not all grammatically correct due to being on a whim)

There's always a good story when it comes from a teen. Four years ago, my dad and i went to HARDEE's to grab a burger before going back into stand. We ate and comtemplated where to go. I decided where we should have went just due to a "gut feeling". That night i shot my first 8 point buck. Never have thought about that little incident of going to a fast food joint, deciding where to hunt, and then making some magic happen before dusk.

Saturday morning of the 14th of November i hunted the creek bottom. I didn't really see anything until about 7:15 in the morning. At that moment i was 45 yards away from it looked like a MONSTER 8. I was shaking and my heart was poundin'( WHO'S DOESN'T RIGHT?). Anyway that buck moved along, outside of shooting range and trailed off; following his doe. So i was feeling pretty bummed out....About an hour after that i saw a coyote come next to me and i thought to myself,"Wow. Can my luck get any worse? There are deffinitly no deer around me now. So i said screw it and left, climbed down the tree and walked back to the truck.

I drove hastily back to the house to see if dad shot anything. It turned out that he bagged a nice doe. We went and field dressed it and brought it back to camp. At about 11:30 we took his two does to the meat house to get processed. Then i started to think to myself; Damn. Im pretty hungry, lets stop at HARDEES for a quick bite before we hop into stand.

Then me and dad started to remember what happened with that one 8 pointer Would it happen again? Naww we both thought. Dad gave me the choices of 4 different stands, all of which ive' never hunted before. But i had this gut feeling again. Just enough to make me want to go were my dad shot his first buck. So we ate, went and talked with our dear old farmer friend keith for about 30 minutes about random jabber. We split off and drove our separate ways to our spots. I took the place by the Mackahoe river and my dad took a dropoff off a the road. My spot was located right off where a mini river and a creek hit. i guess you could call it a little creek bottom. I was pretty much encompassed by water.

I pulled up off the road along a cut corn field at 1:15. It took me 15 minutes to get to my stand and get settled in. This shocked the shit outta me. A HUGE oak tree fell over the lil' river and split into another tree; forming a little dam. It looked like a bomb went off because of the roots and such all out.

Anyway sitting from about 1:30 till 4:23 i see, smell, taste, sense ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

An anxious teenager such as myself wants action, needs something. But i saw nothing and i was totally bored out of my mind. All i could do was think. Think about man, this is senior year, i wish i could get atleast something. I thought about how dad got his coyote, fawn and doe and now he deserved a huge buck. Actually i wasn't really concerned about myself as was i with him.

I was looking at the clock every 15 minutes from 3:30 and i just wanted to get back to camp. Maybe start some homework, eat a little something?

At 4:23 p.m. I heard some rustling to my left and then i saw two does running like bats outta hell. I tried to get them to stop but there was no chance. They ran up the hill to the back and right of me and never stopped. That made me even more discouraged. Come on...not even a wimpy bamby deer?!? i started to bring up the string for my bow; so i could bring it down and leave. But then i heard a faint noise.

Then at roughly 4:24 I saw the biggest buck i have ever seen in my life in the woods. His rack was hitting tree branches and making a quite larger ruckess(is that right?lol) I had no time to think. At this point it was nike's JUST DO IT! He was 30 yards from me and across the creek. Then he stopped on a dime .Broadside and looking like a brute, he was looking with his head up for those does. IT was the most perfect stop that i could
ever imagine, RIGHT THERE OMG!!! .From my position i had to turn around and look right. Pulled back on him, took slight aim, and released. I noticed that it totally hit him. He ran across the creek to my side and tried to go back up that hill but did a back flip. He ran around a little more and than fell down at 4:25. Once that happend literally yelled" HOLY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!. FRICKIN' BOONER!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAYYY BABY!!!!!. I
did that while in stand lol! BEST TWO MINUTES OF MY LIFE

I knew that the deer was totally down and out for the count. I jumped down from stand and did a marathon run back to the car. Out of breath, and all pistons firing, i went to go pick up dad. I was antsy like a little kid. i didn't even know how many points it had at the time. I got dad, and we went back to the spot. BAck in the woods we found my buck 45 yards away from my stand. We walked over to it in total shock and we both couldn't believe it. WE COUNTED 14 POINTS. OMG!!!!!!!! Then we found my blood coated arrow where i shot the deer. Double lunged that big boy and he went down down to chinatown baby. We got him outta the woods with the help of dave and vic. Got back to camp and just enjoyed telling the story with the guys.

We measured him to be 174 3/4 inches; so that makes it for Boone and Crockett!! YEEHAW!! That will be very hard to top i guess right?

Thats what its all about baby. Thats why i do this, and thats what were here to do. I learned a valuable lesson that day. NEVER LEAVE YOUR TREESTAND UNTIL ITS DARK because the hour of power really does hold true.

Or i guess that can work another way if your not into deer hunting. I was about to walk away from it. Give in. Give up. Throw in the towel and call it quits.

If you can take anything from this, never think your done. Theres always a fighting chance for anything in life.

Always hang in there. Take it from me, a 17 year old kid. HAHAHA. Was it that or the HARDEES that's been helping me all these times. Wow deff gotta do this again.

Sorry it was kinda long for yall. And thanks for reading!!


Nick (BuckSlayer) Schwerin of Brookfield, IL


I did a follow-up interview on Monday. and he just had a bunch of nuggets I truly enjoyed. He learned deer hunting sitting in the tree stand with his dad Ron.

That young, sitting in tree stand and I saw my dad [Ron] do his bow kill, Then tracking it and bringing it home and showing everybody

Deer camps have a hieracrchy.
Older guys say it is beginner's luck and it will rub off soon. A lot of people don't get a chance to do that, especially at my age.

He's right.

But he is really right about this, spoken like a veteran hunter:

It is not about the kill, it is about the hunt, the time away from the city and school. Enjoy it and relax and enjoy the harvest.

That's BOTW stuff. That's good stuff.

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Great story, and sounds like a great kid. I enjoyed reading it, though not nearly as much as he enjoyed living it, I'd hazard.

Won't always be the best 2 minutes of his life, though. Those will come right around the time the doc says, "congratulations, would you like to cut the cord?" But an awesome experience he will never forget.

I'm with you Bill. I was wondering if anybody else caught that. Though I can't fully compare, because I've never had shot a buck anywhere near that big, being there to help my kids be born is on another level, a much higher one, of experience. All the same, I'd like to find out what it feels like to hold a buck like that.

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