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Ice fishing? ``Game on'' (Update)

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Today started ice fishing on the Chain and Fox River backwaters. Please take that with extreme caution. That's not true for ordinary sane people, but for those wackos who know how to get around on very thin ice, as in a couple inches.

Like this scene on Nielsen's Channel off the Fox River at Port Barrington six years ago at first ice. (I can't believe it is that long since I did first ice there.)


Wayne Krcmar at Hermann's just called this afternoon and said fishermen are out on Nielsen's and catching fish. He expects 4 inches in spots by morning.

``Game on,'' is how Greg Dickson at Triangle Sports--(847) 395-0813--put it Thursday morning.

One of his regulars made the rounds and was poking a spud bar through about everywhere, so it is not ready for general ice fishing.

But by the weekend, it will be here.

``They are going to be on the backwaters [by the weekend], T Channel for sure,'' he said. ``As we sit right now, we are not ready. But today is the official first day.''

Wayne's daughter Marcy sent this a few minutes before I called Greg:

Remember, you can call for conditions (847-639-9644) or check on facebook (Hermanns Lowlife) or get on this email list for updates!

Hermann's is also offering an e-mail list. To get on it, e-mail

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Thanks, Dale! Great picture!

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