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Fish of the Week: Root brown

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Chuck Atkins caught and released a brown he put at more than 25 pounds, one of the biggest he's ever caught, on the Root River about three weeks ago and it earns him Fish of the Week honors.


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Here's the bulk of the note from one of the Chicago area's better fly fisherman:

I hear a guy caught big brown in Milwaukee recently. Well, I caught one well over twenty pounds in the Root last week [three weeks ago]! This is one of the biggest I have caught. In my experience I would say it was over 25 because I caught one that was 23 last year and my friend caught one that was 26!

I don't use a boga anymore because I believe it harms a really big fish. I don't tail them either because I have heard the vertebrae click on a really big one! Yep , get the picture and let them go as fast as possible!

I can hear the camera click on a fish like that.

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