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Fish kill: Common carp most common

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As expected the vast majority of the fish killed in the officially-sanctioned fish kill on the Sanitary and Ship Canal were common carp.


Here's the breakdown as collected from IDNR fisheries staff, as given to IDNR spokesman Chris McCloud:

By weight in the canal 90-95% were common carp. Incidental were a few channel catfish, gizzard shad, freshwater drum, pumpkinseed sunfish, black and yellow bullheads, emerald shiners, one very small flathead catfish and the one bighead carp.

Below the lock and dam, the dead were identical to the above, in roughly the same proportion, but in much reduced numbers.

The only additional species were several dozen saugers and a few walleyes. Overall very little loss of game fish.

The only real surprise for me is I would have expected a few largemouth bass, too, and maybe a spillover northern pike or two from the Des Plaines.

I hope to have the total weight of killed fish soon.

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1 Comment

u shouldent of killed all those fish atleast leave some of the carp.

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