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Fish Kill: Game fish saved before

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There's a few surprises on the list of fish saved during ``pre rotenone application salvage,'' prior to the fish kill on the Sanitary and Ship Canal. And a surprise missing species too.


``Those fish were transported outside the treatment area,'' e-mailed IDNR spokesman Chris McCloud.

He later sent this:

Here's a more specific list of fish saved.

Species saved and number:

largemouth bass 63
smallmouth bass 1
bluegill 83
channel catfish 10
grass pickerel 2
black crappie 1
walleye 1
goldfish 1
sunfish 90

The surprises, at least to me, are grass pickerel and the lack of any northern pike.

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USFWS report (pdf) on Chicago waterways has data on previous fishery surveys. Table 43 (1991) & Table 21 (1976), Reach 9B.

More species and the relative numbers show increases in Bluegill, Sunfish and Bigmouth while Goldfish numbers collapsed.

Bluegill in Japan. Familiar tale.

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