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Fish kill: Day 2 bighead found

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I did run down to check out the scene this afternoon. But apparently missed all the excitement. A bighead carp was found.


Here's the official word:

Bighead Asian Carp Found In Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal

CHICAGO - The Asian Carp Rapid Response Workgroup announced this evening that a bighead Asian carp was found in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (CSSC) just above the Lockport Lock and Dam. This is the first physical specimen that has been found in the CSSC since eDNA testing earlier this year suggested the presence of Asian carp in the area.

"This is clearly a significant find in this operation that validates why it is so important for this work to be done," said Illinois Department of Natural Resources Assistant Director, John Rogner. "We will continue to work with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and our partners on maintaining the integrity of the area around the barrier."

Concentrations of Asian carp in the Lockport Pool are expected to be low compared to total biomass collected.

The Bighead carp was found 500 feet above the Lockport Lock and Dam near the west bank by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Assistant Project Leader from the Carterville Illinois office. The fish is 21 and 7/8 inches long.

Biologists working with the Asian Carp Rapid Response Workgroup began applying Rotenone Wednesday evening on a 5.7 mile stretch of the canal. Rotenone application was chosen as the best option of keeping Asian carp from breaching the electric barrier while it is taken down for scheduled routine maintenance. The application went as planned and clean-up efforts began around 8am this morning. The discovery of the bighead was found during those efforts.

Clean-up operations ended at sundown this evening and will resume around 7am tomorrow morning. More than 350 people have contributed to the efforts on the ground during this week's operation.

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this is stupid... why can't we just fish them and sell them to China? we humans are able to eat any creature to extinction, why not just do that with asian carp? so stupid...

Michael, if you want to fish them every river and stream downriver from this point in the canal is inundated with them. They would destroy the ecosystem of the Great Lakes and all the rivers and streams that drain into it and most likely destroy a 4.5 Billion Dollar sport fishing industry and all the jobs associated with it. They should divide the waterways and stop worrying about it, it is the only permanent solution and it's foolproof. It's not easy to make something controlled by the government "Foolproof", because fools are so ingenious.

Fishing for them is next to impossible since they eat plankton. Asian carp are most often snagged. Getting rid of them is probably impossible.

If you consider what commercial fishing has done to other species, there may be something there at least in controlling the population. My thought is to offer a tax incentive to encourage commercial harvesting of invasive species, and to find new uses for the fish harvested. Based on what I've seen on the IL River, catching them commercially should not be diffucult to do, and I think it could be done without disrupting other species.

Beyond that, Dale has documented fish in Chicago. They are probably already in the lake. Have they done DNA testing in the lake??

If they do DNA testing on the lake and it comes up negative, I agree that sealing off the lake from the river system is probably the best option to keep the rest out and I hope they find a practial way to do it sooner than later. Key word there is "practical". It would disrupt a lot of people including fishermen.

This is also might be another argument for stocking more Walleye in the lake only because walleye are used to control common carp in some ponds. Walleye eat a lot of young carp.

Why can't they electroshock?

I think we should take advantage of their over population & make a sport of it. Instead of sporting clay's let sport Asiain Carp. You sit up from & with a 4-10 shot gun, steel shot of course, & see how may you can pop. The turtles & raccons would clean up the rest.

Electrofishing would only bring up fish in the direct path of the EF boat. Electrofishing is a great way to assess averages of fish populations, but not a great tool for finding individual specimens. I could be wrong since I have been wrong before, but I wouldnt be too worried about the Asian Carp in the Great Lakes. I would imagine the zebra mussels have the lakes nutrients filtered out pretty good already and the asian carp are going to prefer a nutrient rich river environment much better....

Bill, I dont think walleye would like to eat asian carp nearly as much as common carp. I havent seen gamefish too overly thrilled with hunting for asians. They will eat em, but I dont think they prefer them. Plus the juvenile asians just grow way to fast for walleye to be effective predators.

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