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Buck of the Week: Deer with a plan

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Jim Donahoe allowed 20 other deer to pass before he bagged this Buck of the Week in Jo Daviess County on Steve Frederick's farm.


This BOTW came with a plan, as Frederick explained with his nomination:

I would like to consider this buck taken in Jo Daviess County for Buck of the Week. Jim Donahoe showed great patience as he allowed 20 other deer including a smaller 10 point buck to pass before taking this magnificent animal. Jim and the other five hunters that hunt my farm instituted a buck management plan ten years ago. Under this plan they only take bucks in the 140 class or above. This plan has paid off as over the last few years the number of big bucks taken and sighted has increased.

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Way to go, Deho! And published in the Suntimes on Steve's 51st birthday!!!!!


Congratulations, good work and great discipline.

This is probably a more accurate story....fell asleep in the blind, woke up 2 hrs. later to see this monster with a mouth full of acorns standing there, wiped the drool from his chin and blasted him. Then checked the trail cam and saw all the bucks that strolled by. Awesome buck regardless, write him down Meat !!!!!


I just saw this photo, and your comment was spot on and hilarious.


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