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Another Oak Forest big: Buck of the Week: Unplugged

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Again, I say, Oak Forest is the premier spot for big bucks in the Chicago area. The latest proof came from Vicki Brudnicki, who earned well-deserved honors for Buck of the Week: Unplugged..


BOTW: Unplugged is a weekly celebration of live big bucks around Chicago and the suburbs. It runs Sundays in the outdoors page of the Sun-Times. An extended online version is usually posted here Saturday or Sunday.

I belive this is the first time we have used a photo from the back. But I thought it gave the best sense of the size of the buck.

Here;s Brudnicki's note:

Snapped some pictures of this buck while it was wondering Fieldcrest sub-division (just south of Oak Forest Hospital).

Probably the main reason I consider Oak Forest the prime big-buck spot around Chicago and the suburbs is because the land around Oak Forest hospital seems to grow them big, for whatever reason.

I found this shot fun too.


Thanks much, Vicki, it made my day when this came in a couple weeks ago, about the time I was considering that BOTW: Unplugged might be over for the year..

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