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Stateline perch: A cooler of 'em

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It was one of those days, where the cooler filled with perch--limits of them.


We--a couple members of that South Side institution Antler Dancers Sportsman Club, Ken ``The Lakefront Lip'' Schneider and yours truly--fished out of East Chicago Marina with Capt. Chuck Weis of Ace Charters.

The first spot was no go, but the second one on the shoals off Inland Steel produced some 100-plus perch within an hour and 50 keepers. Then we became more selective to finish with our 75 keepers out of about 250 perch.


Patrick ``Duff'' Duffy caught some of the better ones. The biggest one went 13 1/8 inches. The average keeper was somewhere around 10-10 1/2 inches.

The basic setup was nothing special, just minnows on red hooks above a one-ounce sinker on 6-pound mono on spinning gear.

The catching was something special.


The funniest part of the morning was getting the final keeper, which Weis finally did with the top one in this double.

Doubles were the rule of the day.

Weis expected to fish at least through next week.

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Sounds like a great afternoon for perchin', but with the cost of the charter what's the per fish cost? $6 bucks a fish seems a little steep for the average fisherman. (based on a full charter, of course)

You make a valid point. But if I hunted or fished to save money, I would have stopped a long time ago.
Some years ago, I got a nice deer opening morning, I tried to calculate what that deer meat cost per pound and stopped figuring at the point where it topped $3 per pound.
Admittedly, if I skinned and butchered my own deer, I would save money. But my marriage means more to me than being able to butcher my own deer. My wife will tolerate my cleaning fish in the kitchen sink and butchering pheasants, rabbits, ducks and geese in the backyard and garage, but hanging a deer from the rafters in the garage or the backyard maple would cross a line.

I agree with you, I do, really...but when the economy is struggling as it is it just doesn't make much sense to me.

There's plenty of other ways to enjoy the outdoors without having to spend a great deal of money - something that's been overlooked in recent years.

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