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Fish of the Week: Fathers and sons

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Brad Wooten made the most of Veteran's Day, taking his 9-year-old son, Elijah Wooten, and 10 year-old nephew, Ryan Wooten, fishing at Starved Rock. They came back with a worthy Fish of the Week.


FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times. An extended online version appears here, usually by midnight Tuesday.

The Broadview man sent this touching tale:

Took my 9 year-old son (Elijah Wooten) and 10 year-old nephew (Ryan Wooten) fishing on Wednesday [Nov. 11] at Starved Rock and my son caught his first Sauger--and what a catch it was for him! The pictured fish was 18.25 inches long and weighed 2.18 pounds a day and a half later when weighed on a grocery store deli scale (may have lost a few ounces from death and dehydration?). Bigger than any sauger I have ever caught. Caught him on an orange and yellow jig head tipped with a medium sized crawler just below the dam. Elijah set his rod down for a moment to untangle he and his cousin's line, noticed his own line moving in the water, and ended up setting the hook BY HAND!

It would make his year if his catch is worthy of your Fish of the Week!


Oh, I think so.

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Look at that smile !!!
There is NO better feeling than taking a kid fishing and seeing him/her catch their first fish or (as in this case) their biggest. Kudos to dad, you have obviously made fishermen out of two very lucky young men! (and hopefully helped steer them from destructive lives)
GREAT CATCH ELIJAH , Congratulations!

Dale, Thanks for running the photos and story. Lots of friends and family are enjoying it, and Elijah's beaming as we head into Thanksgiving. Appreciate your work and your love of the outdoors!

Brad, that is one of the more priceless photos that has come in.

Not only does that kid have a great moment to carry with him always, but some great pics to keep the memory fresh.
Good job dad and son!

Wow, what a catch Elijah!

Great job Dad. It,s always good to see young kids out fishing. The picture of your son in front of the dam with a sauger is priceless. So many times I have wanted to sauger fish at that spot but then life gets in the way. I envy you and your son in a good way. Elijah, way to be on the ball and grab that line with your hands. Keep up the good work. Study hard in school so you can get a good job and take your kids fishing some day.

Great job Elijah. When I got the link from a very proud mom I could not wait to see how well you did. It was worth the wait.

Great training Brad.

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