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Buck of the Week: Unplugged, Cook County big

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Bill Cantrall photographed this buck in Cook County near Westchester on Nov. 20 and earned Buck of the Week: Unplugged honors.


BOTW: Unplugged is a celebration of the big bucks running around Chicago and the suburbs. It runs on the outdoors page of the Sunday Sun-Times and in an extended online version here, usually being posted on Saturday or Sunday.

BOTW: Unplugged started earlier this fall. A couple weeks ago, I thought it was about at end, but there are still good nominations coming in, including a photo of a rather well-known Chicago buck to come.

To make nominations for BOTW: Unplugged, e-mail

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1 Comment

Awesome photo. That's right by my house too! At night they come out from the woods and we see them roaming and patrolling through the streets. They aren't scared of anything.

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