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Wild Wednesday: A litter of hedge apples

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What do you call a mess of hedge apples on the ground?


What comes to my mind is a litter of hedge apples. I like that a litter of hedge apples.

Hedge applles, what the fruit of Osage orange are called, collect on the ground like forgotten softballs. Albeit green dimpled ones.

They are not natural to our area, but here all the same.


I saw these the other day on my morning ramble with Storm, our fearless half Lab, and came back later in the morning with our 5-year-old Sam.

He thought it would be fun to pick them up and throw them in the town pond.

In some ways, it was.

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I saw my first mess of hedge apples littering the ground this morning while rambling with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.... Read More

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