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White deer: Chicago's south suburbs, again

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Has the same white deer in this video, taken last winter, been spotted nearby in the south suburbs? Or is it a different one?

Muskie Ron sent this question:

.the other morning while driving to work thru sweet woods in thornton i saw four deer.

one of them was solid white. what kind of deer is this.

I tried a couple times to see the white deer that have been spotted in that rough area for years. The first I heard of was the one see often off Glenwood-Dyer Road, but it was killed or died a few years ago.

Then on Jan. 7, I posted this entry:

It looks like there's an albino buck around Chicago Heights.
To see the YouTube video, click here.

Jacqueline J. Agee sent the link with this explanation:

``On Christmas day my family was blessed to see a white deer in Chicago Heights. We were able to video tape it. My brother, John Bennett, is such a fan of yours that he insisted that I get the video to you. After many tries I eventually just uploaded it to my youtube account. . . . We saw it on the boarder of Glenwood and Chicago Heights. ''

I looked on a map and have a pretty good ground sense of that part of the south suburbs, so my suspicion is that it is the same deer in Agee's video.

If anybody has some insight, both Muskie Ron and I would appreciate hearing it.

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You wanna see white deer??? Go to Argonne Woods, by Waterfall Glen. There 1000's of them.....
This is COMMOM knowledge.

Bob, so far as I know, nobody has been able to establish a link between those white deer and the ones that have popped up around Glenwood/Chicago Heights area for years now.

The Deer at Argonne were imported from the old country and are white deer not albinos.My father inlaw used to work there. -

Ed, thanks for the link. I forgot to post it yesterday when Ken Gortowski had sent it too. But I still don't know that anybody made sure connection that the white deer around Glenwood/Chicago Heights are related to the Argonne deer. Though it is certainly possible.

I'm glad to see that someone else saw the same thing I did on Tuesday the 28th. I was driving down Cottage Grove around 9:15 a.m. and couldn't believe that I saw a white deer. I think my husband thought I was nuts.

Didn't they clear a mess of deer out of Argonne about 10 years back??!! I haven't seen even one the past few years :( btw: I counted 29 "White Deer" near waterfall glen one time.

My dad used to take us to see them as kids. Lived there, 96 to 99, 100 feet from Waterfall Glen and Argonne, never saw one and hiked and biked everyday. WTF?

The white deer that are/were so common in Argonne were fallow deer, descended from escapies of a guy who used to own part of the property before the feds took over in 40's. I haven't seen a white deer out there in well over 10 years. Than again, I don't get out there much since the DNR slaughtered the whitetails about that time. Very sad- they took out over 600 deer in two winters with nets and bolt guns. they still "manage" the herd every Jan/Feb. If you see a deer now you put it in your diary. I have tons of big buck pics from there that I can convert to digital and post if anyones interested...
We used to hunt the old Argonne pretty hard before Nixon gave it to DuPage county in the 70's- lot's of good times on all kinds of game.


I had heard about the existence of albino deer in the Thornton, Illinois forest preserve area from a neighbor and saw one myself about three years ago while driving on Thorn Creek Road towards Glenwood. Unfortunately, I later heard that sharpshooters were brought in and most (or all) of the local deer population, including the albinos, was destroyed due to Chronic Wasting Disease. Sad story all around.

I haven't seen our Glenwood albino doe since the first week of June last year (2011). I was riding my bicycle on the forest preserve bike path along Cottage just south of Sweet Woods. She was right alongside the bike path and had a new born fawn alongside her. Her fawn was brown in color.
During the two winters prior, she would come late at night occasionally and eat the seed from below our bird feeder right in front of our living room window.
I have not seen an albino buck.
While we're talking about it, where did all the deer go from around here? A couple years ago we could easily count a hundred grazing in the evening while driving about the area. Now, pff, they're just gone.

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