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Wild Monday: ladybugs and boxelder bugs

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Some things just give me the willies.

Lady Bug

No, I don't mean the ladybugs.

Here's what gave me the willies.

For the first time this fall, ladybugs popped all over the place. While the kids played outside after school, I noticed numerous ones crawling over the garage and trees, and flying, so I grabbed the camera.

Then I went inside to download the photos and found a message from Bill Anderson that he was doing the same thing:

Both the lady bugs and box elders finally showed up. Here are a few close-ups.

His photo was better than mine. And it is the one above.

The timing gave me the willies.

Several weeks ago, I mentioned how I had hardly seen any ladybugs at all. Maybe it was just the cold snap early this fall and they responded to the first real warmth in quite a while in the warm sun Monday afternoon.

Anderson also sent the bonus photos of boxelder bugs.

Box Elder

It may be late, but there's some warm fall signs at last.

Now, if only I would see my first woolly bear of the fall.

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Looking out my door this morning I noticed hundreds of these flying bugs. Upon further examination, I saw that these are Ladybugs.

This lead me to wonder where they all came from and started looking on Google. Finding your posting was most helpful in answering my question.

Thank you,
Milford, Pa.

I saw a woolly bear just the other day in West Lafayette, IN

Maybe all the woolly bears need is some warmth. I will hit a couple of my best woolly bear back roads this afternoon.

It is starting to bug me that I haven't seen a single one, despite driving around back roads as much as most falls.

I live in Sellersville and there are literally thousands flying around the house right now! I can't believe my eyes- it is like a swarm.

What is attracting them and how do we get rid of them- they seem to be attracted to the siding on the house.

I have read all kinds of hints for that. In my world, you just wait for cooler weather and they go away again.

I live in Toronto, Ont. Canada and there is just so many ladybugs I can't believe how many ladybugs or beetles whatever they are it is just disgusting, I have never seen so many of this type of bug at once ever. Has any one else noticed this in Toronto today and do you know why there is so many?

Here as well in CT. Lady bugs everywhere.

i was outside about 30 min ago and noticed that there are so many ladybugs crawl up to my garage door. they even flying around my kitchen window and front door. what can i do to get rid of them in the mean time. this is the first time of my life see many ladybugs like this.

I don't believe those are our regular Ladybugs. Most of those got pushed out by this beetle from I believe China. Our Ladybugs were red and did not STINK. These are orange and smell bad....that's the difference.I think these started showing up @ 10 years ago.

We had over 100 in my kitchen attached to the inside of the sliding glass door!

There is a solution to kill and control box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles.


I am sitting on my couch and see maybe 20 ladybugs flying around or crawling on my screendoor. I live in upstate NY. I'm baffled. There's so many!

There is a solution to control box elder bugs and Asian lady beetles. Keep them out of your home with BuggSlayer Insecticide.


That seems a touch much, considering they go away with the next cold snap.

I live in Essex County NJ- Yesterday after work-getting home at 4:30PM my small dog was so excited to greet me and lead me to the bedroom where there were 100's of lady bugsall over the window, sills and plants and stuffed animals in the room. She was very upset that they invaded her space. I lke lady bugs but seeing so many at once was a little unnerving- I was able to relocate most outside but more were came in through a crack in the window- I resorted to vacuuming the rest- but still have a few- It was an invasion of the lady birds!!!!!


So glad to see everyone else experiencing the unprecedented ladybug swarm. It's really a kick to see a "ladybug invasion" among the cement corridors of New York City.

I found a lady bug on my finger when I walked into my hotel room. I freaked out. I don't like bugs. Nice ones or bad ones... Then I decided I would open the curtains in my hotel room... well my god... there are like 10 lady bugs that keep flying to the window and crawling around.. then I saw the two actually got in somehow.. Well let me tell you I am grossed out... I would like to go home now... but I can't because I have to live here for a month!! AHHH!

One benefit to those lady bugs is that they can rid your house of other unwanted pests that you don't normally see. They dine on aphids and mites as well as pollen. They are a natural form of pest control for your garden too.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I hate bugs! WTF is up w/all the lady bugs & box elder bugs! They are totally freaking me out. I live in Ann Arbor, MI & after reading these posts, I'm even more freaked out! They have invaded my apt complex & office! WTF is going on? Why are they swarming?

Okay it seems that we all agree that we are getting swarmed by these bugs, but does anyone understand why now and why so many?

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