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Illinois bowhunting: 4 opening days for deer up

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Even factoring in that the first four days of the 2009 bowhunting season for deer in Illinois included a full weekend, the numbers of deer reported were impressive.

Paul Shelton sent this on the first four days of bowhunting for deer (Thursday-Sunday):

It compares that period with the first 4 days of the previous 4 seasons. Harvest this year was 6250, compared to 5059 (2008), 2608 (2007), 3632 (2006), and 4463 (2005). Not all of the previous years' results contain an entire weekend, which definitely factors into such early season results. 2008 was Wed-Sat; 2007 was Mon-Thurs; 2006 was Sun-Wed; and 2005 was Sat-Tues.

Opening day was a little rainy throughout much of the state, with some rain in the morning in areas to the south. However, temperatures have been very cooperative. Substantial amounts of corn remain unharvested throughout the state. Sex ratios this year so far are 72% female; 28% male.

Top five counties are Pike (298), Jefferson (196), Vermilion (150), Fulton (150), and LaSalle (142).

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