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Wild Monday: Suburban (fox not a) coyote pup (revised)

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When not one but two naturalist sorts agree that it was a red fox and not a coyote pup Chris Howe captured on his phone, I will go with the biologists. The original entry is posted below.



Chris Howe caught this coyote pup in the south suburbs on his cell phone last week. I tried to pull out the photo better on flickr.

He sent this this:

``My wife and I saw this coyote pup on 110th and Bell on this past thursday. I know the pictue is kinda blurry, but it was the best I could get with my cell phone cam.''

In a follow-up, he said it was definitely a coyote pup and not a fox.

It's just neat to see stuff like that.

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This is a red fox- not a coyote. Red foxes have a white tip on their tails; coyotes have a black tip. And the other markings (white chest, black legs), body and tail size are all red fox.

For information about coyotes visit:

I agree that that is definately a fox.
-Much neater that seeing a coyote.

yes, definitely a red fox, long tail with white tip, pretty diagnostic
and a coyote pup would not be by itself
foxes are pretty common, just very difficult to spot
nice photo of a fox with your cell phone

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