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SU kids tournament: A fishy success

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Salmon Unlimited of Illinois' first Kids Shore Fishing Derby at Waukegan harbor on Saturday sure looked like and sounded like a success, according to the photos and report sent by Bill Krawisz, S/U editor and photographer.


It is an impressive list of catches, but my favorite may be not one but three gobies of seven ounces, caught by Andy Campbell, 6, Shane Sullentrup, 9 and Sierra McClellan, 7, to tie for the top spot in that category.


Here's a full account of a good day of fishing:

Lake Michigan, for the members of Salmon Unlimited there is no other place we'd rather be. Somewhere along the line each of us was exposed to the incredible fishery that we fish every year by some adult who loved it first. For many of us it was a mother, father or uncle who took us to the lake to try and catch some fish along Lake Michigan's shoreline. It was with those memories in mind that Salmon Unlimited of Illinois decided to host its first annual Kids Shore Fishing Derby at Waukegan Harbor on Saturday, September 26 2009, and it was a great success. Ninety young boys and girls from 4-18 years of age came out for some friendly competition and good food at the tournament head quarters which was located at the Waukegan Port District patio.

The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts troops were well represented and so was Main West's and Marian Catholic's High School fishing teams. Our many thanks for their support and to all of the mom's and dads that brought their kids out for a fun day of fishing and for an introduction to the wonders that Lake Michigan provides.

As with any tournament there were some winners:

Kid's Division:
Bluegill (2 oz) - Matt Straus (age 8)
Goby (7 oz) - *TIE* - Andy Campbell (age 6), Shane Sullentrup (age 9), Sierra McClellan (age 7)
Largemouth Bass (2 oz) - Joseph Straus (age 7)
Rainbow Trout (8 oz) - Nathaniel Berrios (age 9)
Rock Bass (8 oz) - *TIE* - Koby Sullentrup (age 5), Sierra Rogers (age 9)
Sunfish (8 oz) - Sierra McClellan (age 7)

Teen Division:
Bluegill (4 oz) - Jim O'Neil (age 16)
Carp (6 lb, 6 oz) - George Hozan (age 14)
Goby (8 oz) - James Battley (age 15)
Rock Bass (7.5 oz) - Jim O'Neil (age 16)
Sunfish (8 oz) - T.J. Webb (age 17)

Multi-Species Angler Award:
Owen Lane (age 6) - 3 species - Goby, Rainbow Trout and Rock Bass

Adult Salmon Unlimited Members Division
Ben Mikrut (Age Classified) 17.4 lb King Salmon caught with a spawn sack below a float off the South Rocks on the harbor side.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Diane Schneider with Cabela's and Brian O'Dell and Sue Petty at Waukegan Port District, events like this never happen without a lot of help. Kudos to the many Salmon Unlimited members that ran the scales all over Waukegan Harbor and provided safety patrol and assistance to all the kids. And last but not least, thanks to all the new junior members of Salmon Unlimited, the young contestants, you kids brought bundles of youthful enthusiasm and are already some pretty good fisherman. Next year those salmon won't stand a chance. Thanks for coming kids. See you next year.

Jim Nelligan
Tournament Chairman

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