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Pumpkinseed record: Pounders, dude

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``Dude, wait until ice fishing, they'll catch one-pounders,'' ``Chef Todd'' Kent said Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Illinois fisheries chief Steve Pallo confirmed that Kent caught the state's first official record pumpkinseed. But it apparently won't last long as the record.

Kent caught his 7 3/4-inch fish with a girth of 7 1/2 inches from Emiquon Preserve on July 21. Then weighed it at 0.41 pounds on a certified scale at Presley's Outdoors.

I am glad for Chef Todd--the Peoria-area chef is one of my favorite, though rare, fishing companions--but he wasn't too wild on Wednesday. He knew another bigger one had already been caught and ID'd by biologist Rob Hilsabeck. It still needs to go through DNA testing. Prairie State Outdoors has the tale of the possible new record here.

And this pursuit of pumpkinseed record goes back to Kent and PrairieStateOutdoors Jeff Lampe , who cooked up the scheme to catch the record pumpkinseed dubbed Pumpkin Quest.

It made for quite the story, the kind of story I wish I had thought of first.

As I said before, I think there is a wealth of odd species and hybrids of the sunfish family caught in the Chicago River, the fish dubbed ``idiot fish'' by river prowlers like Carl Vizzone and Ken ``The Lakefront Lip'' Schneider, waiting to become state records.

It is the first and so far only, fishing record set in Illinois in 2009.

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