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Public Safety No. 1: Chicago fishermen

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Paul Pezalla had a couple thoughts after one of his regular customers rescued a man who fell into the Chicago River near Columbus late at night this week.

The guy who pulled him out is a regular customer who fishes near Columbus Avenue frequently. The cops often times kick him out for no apparent reason. I would think that having law-abiding anglers around would make the place less attractive to the lowlifes. Fortunately, they did not kick him out that night.
Pezalla is the one of the early European-style carp fishermen in Chicago, who went on to start up a carp-related business, Wacker Bait & Tackle, LLC in Broadview.

On a broader view, I think Pezalla has a point that could be extrapolated to include fishermen on the Chicago lakefront in general.

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Hi, I'm responding to this article because it was brought it to my attention. My name is Ivan and his name is Midnight Gary. We are the two fishermen that pulled the gentleman out of the Chicago River. Let me know if you want the full story.

Ivan or Midnight Gary or anybody who knows them. Please have them contact me. E-mail is is fine.

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