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Last call for ``Es-say it's so:'' Or no call?

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Tomorrow, Sunday, Sept. 27 is the deadline for essays to earn a free youth waterfowl hunt in Illinois' north zone. So far we have zero essays.


i still have faith, though one wag suggested it showed something about literacy and ambition.

At this point, if any kid 15 and younger enters any sort readable essay, he or she will be going on free hunt.

Here's the details from the original posting on Sept. 8:

[Earlier this month] Jeff Norris of Fox Valley Guide Service said he would like to offer a hunt during the youth waterfowl hunting days in Illinois' north zone on Oct. 10-11 to the winner of an essay contest and his or her guardian.

After some thought, we came up with this:

The essay should be on one of the two topics: ``Who was our greatest conservationist and why?'' or ``Why is goose hunting beneficial to our ecosystem?'' It should be submitted via email to by Sept. 27. The winner will be announced Sept. 30.

Try to keep it under 1,000 words. Keep in mind, I value good writing and Norris has a wicked wit and way with words, so it would behoove the winner to write well.

It is open to anyone 15 or younger who meets the legal (and parental) requirements to hunt during the youth waterfowl hunting days.

Hunt details will be worked out with Norris.

I will post the winning essay on STRAY CASTS and use parts in the outdoor column in the Sun-Times. Other top essays may be posted also.

And I will also accompany the winner and his or her guardian on the hunt for a story.

Norris and I will be judges. If we don't reach a consensus on the winner, a friend (unbeknownst to him) will be ``volunteered'' to break the tie.

If you have questions, e-mail them to

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