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Far Out: Tennessee warbler on Lake Michigan?

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About 18 miles northeast of Chicago's Monroe Harbor on Lake Michigan Saturday morning, several of these birds circled.


They would circle, seemingly exhausted, then land and rest on rods, boat railings or the cabin roof of Capt. Bill Kelly's Leprechaun. Finally, I was able to get a clear photo of one when it landed on a downrigger rod.

I am a little proud of the shot.

Even prouder when I came home and tentatively ID'ed it as a Tennessee warbler.

But to be sure, I sent it to friend and naturalist Joel Greenberg, who also tentatively ID'ed it as a Tennessee Warbler. But, as befits somebody with a science background, he wanted to send it to a couple others for confirmation as a Tennessee.

We shall see. All I know is it added to a morning of fishing.

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1 Comment

Nicely captured, with great depth of field.

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