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Fishes of the Week: ``Like father like son''

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As 14-year-old Jeremy Bilecki of Orland Hills noted, ``Like Father like Son.'' And they take Fishes of the Week honors with his 6-pound largemouth and his dad Mike's 12-pound channel catfish caught over Labor Day weekend.

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Here's Bilecki's tale:

My father and I caught these fish on Labor Day weekend. I caught this 6 pound Largemouth on a senko twitching it off the bottom and my dad caught this 30" 12 pound channel cat on a worm and a bobber, out of my Grandfathers pond on the same day.What a great Labor Day weekend it was..
I hope to see you put these in your fish of the week sometime.

Sometime just arrived. And that does sound like a great Labor Day weekend.

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not belittling their catch, but catching quality fish from a private pond is no where near the same challenge as catching fish like that from public waters, where everyone has a shot at 'em.

...just my opinion.

Point well taken. I broke one of my own unofficial rules for FOTW (public waters) because I enjoyed the story and idea of the father and son catching big fish of different species. Not sure what I will do the next time, in part because farm ponds occupy a special corner of Illinois fishing.

I too enjoy seeing a father and son story about fishing and/or hunting should have been just that.

I've fished private ponds before, and it's a "no miss" situation for catching quality fish - just not the same as fishing where everyone else has cast just about every lure there is and offered up just about every type of live bait offering they can.

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