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Chicago WWW: Holiday mix of all things

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This is one of the neater photos I have seen, and it is a beautiful way to lead into a holiday weekend loaded with options for Chicago's Wild Weekend Wanderings.


Gunter Kehrhahn took the shot of Will and Schatzi at Racine. And I thank Todd Carlander for forwarding it and getting permission to use it.

My faith is restored by seeing somebody in the outdoors first seeing the possibility of this photo, then capturing the image.

But I drift.

SHORELINE KINGS: This is still the big draw. It's been hit and miss everywhere around southern Lake Michigan. Don't know what to say other than put your time in. Kenosha, Wis. has been the most consistent, especially if you throw in the browns in the harbor.

WISCONSIN STURGEON: Wisconsin's statewide hook and line lake sturgeon season, on selected waters, opens Saturday. This is the third consecutive year where the minimum length is 60 inches. A harvest tag is needed. I think it is one of the neatest things going.

TEAL HUNTING: Season opens Saturday, and if the birds stick around it could be one of the better ones. Tuesday's aerial surveys along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers showed good numbers.

DOVE HUNTING: One advantage to the late sunflowers may be that doves will hold longer. We shall see. It was a very spotty opener on Tuesday, largely dependent on the status of sunflowers.

WET WADING: My judge sand bar at Aroma Park was still under water Thursday morning, but I suspect later this weekend, the Kankakee should be perfect for wading. Not so sure about the Fox in that regard. But it looks like a good stable weather pattern setting up that could make for a good summer's end of weekend wading.

EARLY CANADA GOOSE HUNTING: Access is the issue. If you have permission to hunt somewhere in the nine-county area, you probably will have geese coming in. The other problem is almost no crop harvest has been done and I doubt if much will be in our end of the state before the end of the season on Sept. 15.

PERSONAL PICKS: I hope to get in a couple hours of hiking this afternoon, just soul restoration stuff, at a favorite spot while the kids are in school and my wife is working. Hiking is the best way for me to stuff through life. . . . It's been a couple years since i did the sturgeon fishing up in the Wisconsin Dells, and I hope to sneak it in again this year, but it won't be over the holiday weekend. . . . I really should put in some time for shoreline kings at Montrose or Burnham, but I don't think that is happening until late next week. . . .Saturday afternoon, I hope to see if some doves are hanging around. . . . Sunday is shot with a block party on the North Side with friends. . . . By Monday, I should have enough good will stored to earn a couple hours to walk into the Kankakee in the old sneakers and swim trunks. To me, that would be the capper for the weekend.

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What a great artistic photo. Thanks for sharing.

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