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Chicago lakefront: Half thoughts

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So this lanky young guy with dark curly hair is carrying a light spinning rod and reel and wading through the 100,000 or so stuffed into Jackson Park Sunday morning for the Chicago Half Marathon.

You can't make this stuff up.

``Hey, Mr. Bowman,'' he called as I climbed out of the press area and tried to figure out how to do my own wading through the crowd. I covered the half marathon for the Sun-Times.

Out of all the half marathons in all the worlds, by God, it was Matt Palmisano.

His girlfriend ran the half marathon, and in the nearly two hours it took for her to finish, he fished in the lagoons and harbors near Jackson Park.

I love it. It restored some of my faith in the power of traditional outdoor pursuits on Chicago's lakefront even among the younger set. Matt is in his 20s.

It made my morning.

Oh, he caught a few rock bass.

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