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Young conservationists: The Chicago Way

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The kids did all right.


I was fascinated, and skeptical, when John Kidd Jr. first told me about his idea for having a conservation boot camp, Youth Conservation Conference, at Chicago State.

But I believed in Kidd, the president of Fishin' Buddies!, enough to do a lead-in story on May 3 for the Sun-Times.

Well, they got 22 sophomores and juniors to-be to successfully complete YCC, which ended with small group presentations on various topics.


But the real selling point to YCC was the chance for those who finished it to tap into paid internships, primarily with the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.

The hands-on work they did during YCC came in handy.


Today's column in the Sun-Times took the perspective of two of the juniors, Monikka Edgeston and Tom Maloney, who did different six-week internships.

After talking with them, I have much more hope for the future of conservation in our urban and suburban settings.

And I envy the chance they had.

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This sounds like a great program Dale. I hope it expands. We need smart motivated young adults exploring new career choices.

Kudos to John Kidd Jr. for taking a leap of faith for conservation.
He didn't know if it would work, but it sure looks like he was going to give it his best shot regardless.
It's people like that we need more of in this state. Success and failure can only be found if the chance was taken in the first place. We learn from with either result, do we not?
Looks like a fantastic program, unquestionably.

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