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``Sgt. Tommy's Kids'' is Saturday

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The third "Sgt. Tommy's Kids" kids fishing day is Saturday at Herrick Lake in Wheaton. It is open to all kids with military, police or fire personnel in the family. But make sure to register in advance.

Here's the details from Mike Clifford, the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance guy who put a lot of effort into this over the years.

The 2009 Kids Fishing Day sponsored by "Sgt. Tommy's Kids" is slated
for August 22, 2009 at Herrick Lake in Wheaton.

The 3rd annual event is open to all that have Military, Police or Fire
personnel in the family. Whether it's a mother, father, sister,
brother, aunt, uncle or cousin.....your family is invited to
participate in this very special event.

Sgt. Tommy's Kids will be providing brand new rods/reels and tackle
for every child, as well as fishing, crafts and games and a full
lunch.....all free of charge.

Members of the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance will be present to help
the kids catch fish, and many other volunteers will be on hand to
ensure each child enjoys their day on the water.

For photos of our previous 2 events, follow the link here:

You can view videos as well on our home page:

Please note that Registration in advance is required.
We are accepting them online or by mail as of this posting.


About Sgt. Tommy's Kids

The Sgt. Thomas M. Gilbert Memorial Foundation exists to promote youth
appreciation and education for the outdoors.

Tom was the type to take on challenges with both enthusiasm and
appreciation. He enjoyed working with children and had a great love
for the outdoors. As Tom traveled the world, he was able to enjoy both
of these. He was the type of person that when he was around children
he would take them under his wing. Some of his best memories were of
playing soccer with the children in Djibouti Africa when he was
stationed there or being around the many kids he met during his time
in Iraq.

Sadly, Tom lost his life at the hands of insurgents while fighting for
our country in Iraq.
In his honor, this foundation was created to combine two of his
greatest joys and we will work hard to create something he would be
proud of.

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Thanks for posting this, Dale.
I'd like to add that we will accept walk-ups the morning of the event for those that aren't sure until Saturday if they can make it.

Nobody will be turned away.

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