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Of worms and Gofron

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``Just having a kid go out and pick a night crawler at night to go fishing the next day. I bet there are kids are who don't know how to do that. They see a night crawler on the driveway and wonder how it got there.''

Sometimes it is good to get sidetracked in an interview.

I was interviewing Mike Gofron, the Antioch pro who picked up another big walleye fishing win over the weekend, on Tuesday when I asked what his next challenge is. And he mentioned nothing in competitive fishing but instead said it was trying to help with getting more kids fishing.

And then he, the man considered the greatest live baiter by his fellow walleye fishermen, drifted into the crawler example. Which I thought was wonderful, and also sadly true. It's part of my Wednesday column in the Sun-Times on Gofron and his book, which should be available from his web site,, shortly

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