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Of nighthawks, baseball and summer's end

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Is BlackBerried a verb yet?

I don't know the answer to that. And I don't know if Geoff Williamson is a reader or not.

What I know is for the past week I have been trying to keep half an eye on televised night baseball games to see if common nighthawks showed up. On Wednesday, I happened to mention in Wild Things this is when nighthawks can spice up night baseball games. (Lord knows both sides of town need spicing up now.)

Then last night, there was Williamson sending a note to IBET on his BlackBerry from the Cubs game at Wrigley Field:

Chris and I are watching 2+ COMMON NIGHTHAWKS and at least one Red Bat catching "flies" over Wrigley Field right now (5th inning, evening of 26 Aug).

Wrigley Field is located at Clark and Addison in Chicago (Cook County).

IBET (Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts) is the group for birders.

The sad part of seeing the fall nighthawks is what it means. As Mike Skwira, the extraordinary lure painter from Burbank, accurately caught in a note he sent yesterday,

Hey Dale...I have seen the nighthawks, the trouble is that usually means summer is almost over!

Skwira's right. And for a summer guy like me, that is not a good sign.

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