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Fish of the Week: King of kings

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In only his third time fishing for salmon, Calvin Ng, a 21-year-old from Bridgeport, caught a 39-inch chinook weighing 23 pounds, last Wednesday, and earns Fish of the Week honors.


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His uncle Don Ng of Niles sent this story:

I took my nephew Calvin salmon fishing this wed. After 3 hours of trolling without a fish, we caught this monster with a spoon and lead core line in front of the Winnetka boat launch, 10 min. and 3 runs later we netted this male King, it bottomed out my scale, lucky a fellow boater had a 50lb scale, it weighted in at 23lb 39 inches long. Hope you will consider this FOTW.

Considered and done.

I loved the ending line from a follow-up note from Don:

``Now I got a new fishing partner for life.''

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