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Chicago WWW: Wade in or perch

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OK, the weather service is going crazy about heat warnings this weekend. Sounds to me like wet wading, wading and floating should lead this Chicago Wild Weekend Wanderings, and maybe perch fishing off Chicago.


This was a wonderful still life scene on Indiana's Tippecanoe River Thursday, a perfect blend of floating, wading and fishing a river.

WET WADING/WADING: Barring an unexpected major rain, all area rivers should be in perfect shape for wading.

Just as personal preference, I am comfortable wet wading the Kankakee among local rivers. The others, including the DuPage and the Fox, have too many things in them that scare me from wet wading. Remember smaller rivers and creeks too, such as Nick Pezdek in the Mazon.

PERCH FISHING: Shore fishermen are taking perch at Montrose, Northerly Island and behind McCormick. One of the better Augusts bites is still going.

Navy Pier continues to be hot for big perch by boaters in the weed beds. It is more of a minnow bite again.

``I can't believe there isn't hundreds of boats down there,'' Mike Starcevich said.

Cal Park has turned in the weed beds for boaters, as has inside and outside of Buffington, inside and outside of Pastrick and so has the second rock pile from the Ditch, according to several fishermen and the guys at Mik-Lurch.

FLOATING: It should be a great weekend for floating down the Kankakee, Fox or Middle Fork. Or, as my Sunday column suggests, the Tippecanoe in Indiana.

SHOOTING: The Amateur Trapshooting Association Grand American Trapshooting Championships at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Downstate Sparta runs through Aug. 15. Go to

HUNTING REMINDER: At 8:30 a.m., Monday, applications may begin for state-operated controlled pheasant hunting sites. Go to

STARGAZING: On Saturday, Indiana Dunes State Park third annual Perseid Meteor Stargaze is from 8:30 to 11 p.m. Visitors make stay later to watch the ``shooting stars''. It's a $10 entrance fee for non-residents. Call (219) 926-1390.

PERSONAL PICKS: I hope to take a gander at Perseid from some dark spot in the country this weekend, though the event at Indiana Dunes sounds cool. . . . I did my float for the week already down the Tippy, but the Kankakee will probably call my name on Sunday. . . . I will be out perch fishing soon, maybe on Sunday or early next week, especially if the west winds keep the cold water on shore.

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A couple veteran waders made strong suggestions about staying hydrated in the comments of Friday's Chicago WWW. Before you think this is as ignorant as TV people telling you to stay cool when it is really hot, there is some... Read More


Pre hydrate yourself throughly and re hydrate as needed. being woozy from heat and moving water is a bad combination.

Fast water, heavy shade or lowlight is your best bets while wading. Rattlebaits, cranks and spinnerbaits have been hot. Start agressive and work slower with jig-plastic only if necessary or that's your thang.

Been having great catches using a 1/4 oz. jig with living rubber skirt and a 3-5" grub trailer burning it in as fast as I can crank it...

Swimming a T-rigged Tiki worm has been effective too. Buzz baits early and late.

But most importantly, as stated by Norm M: hydrate yourself thoroughly AND often; I like to freeze a bottle of water and take another at air temp. A moistened bandana laid over the back of your neck helps too. In this type of heat, fishing is superb, but the risk of heat related maladies is great too. Be safe out there!

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