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Burnham pike: On the soft shell

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There's something beautiful in a northern pike photographed in the right light, especially when it comes from a Chicago harbor.


Over the past decade, Chicago harbors are becoming better places to latch into a pike. Chris Taglieri tagged this nice one off the wall at Burnham while trying for perch with 4-pound line earlier this week The Chicago policeman sent this:

Hey Dale,
Went out to Burnham this afternoon to try and take advantage of some bonus late season Perch and hooked up into this chunky 25" Pike. Prior to catching this fish I was having a conversation with some other anglers about my "almost" catch last week on a soft shell a nice steelhead hit my softshell and spinner and we were talking about how everything eats softshells and how the only fish we have never caught in the lake on a softshell was the random pike. The group of fisherman moved on to another location and five minutes later I hooked up into this pike landed him on 4lb test. Luckily I learned my lesson from last week and brought the net after losing the steelhead while trying to lift it up the wall.


Yes, a net gain.

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