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Bowfishing record: Another from Illinois (updated)

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Make it yet another bowfishing record for Illinois, and another from a girl, this time a 10-year-old.


Emily Brooks took this 56.7-pound grass carp from the Des Plaines River.

Bowfishing Association of Illinois president Ed Devries sent this report:

Bowfishing Assoc. of Illinois bowfisherwomen continue to re-write the BAA (bowfishing assoc of america) record books and put the guys to shame across the state! First Liz Kovel takes the state BAA record for White Sucker. Then Sharon Trame takes the state and world BAA record for Shortnose Gar. AND NOW.....13 (I think she is 13 at least) yr. old Emily Brooks smashed the existing BAA Grass Carp record with this 56.7 lb. monster taken in the DesPlaines River last night. Pretty good for a young lady who just started bowfishing a year ago. CONGRATS EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!

C/O the size of that fish next to her recently purchased AMS Fish Hawk she got this year!

If I get more details, I will update.

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I'm Emily's dad and want to point out thats she is actually only 10 years old! She started bowishing just last year, but did not get her first fish until this spring. Now she is a very good shot and is as good as alot of the adults I shoot with! I'm very proud of her to say the least!

That is awesome Emily. Good job.

Tom, you should be proud! We're all quite proud of her!

That's a DANDY CARP!!

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