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Bad News Air: Sarley show down

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The outdoors is broad enough, diverse enough, that it is important to have a multitude of voices covering it. So I was truly saddened to hear from Steve Sarley last night that last Saturday's ``Outdoor Experience'' radio show was his last on WIND (560-AM), though he hopes to bring back the show in some form within 60 days.

I've been on Sarley's show, and respect the way he went about his business. And it is a business, which explains why Sarley e-mailed, ``The bad economy killed me.''

Here's the good side, Sarley is not going away and sounds like a guy who will come back up:

I do have plans to bring the show back to life within 60 days.

I hope that I can pull it off.

It may be at a less attractive time or day of the week. It may even be "Internet only."

No matter what, I plan to make the show easily accessible at my website every week

and also by podcasting it.

I need to get some new sponsorship support to make this happen and hope I can do it.

If there are any suggestions you can make, or help you can provide me, I would appreciate it.

I worked very hard to make The Outdoors Experience the most listened-to outdoors

radio show in its broadcast range.

I know that The Outdoors Experience was a darned good show and I feel bad that the

hunting and fishing fans that were loyal to the show will have to do without it.

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Had the opportunity to be on Steve's show a few times giving fishing reports much like I give to you.

Steve was to radio as you are to print. (I know he writes too, but we have our favorites in each media.)

Hopefully I won't have to put you in past tense anytime soon. I don't like the way you're Wednesday reports in print went away.

Problem with internet only is that there are a few too many voices out there already. The big loud ones aren't necessarily the good ones.

They're just loud.

Good luck Steve.

No Dale Bowman fishing report.
No Steve Sarley radio show.
Now two more holes in my stomach.
Hang in there guys.

AnyLuc, the Midwest Fishing Report not being in the actual newspaper last week I think was a one-time bad decision, and I don't think it will happen again. That decision truly bothered me because it reflected badly on a newspaper I am very proud to work for most days. I am in my 14th year doing the outdoors for the S-T, and that was the first time when the MFR did not run. A couple times during family emergencies, ST's office god, Albert Dickens, who is also a fisherman, had to pull together a short report from my contacts and the day after 9-11 we just ran a very brief one. So Wednesday was not one of my prouder days.

This was the diplomatic way of firing him.

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