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Airing far afield: Ebert, Dahl, Boers, Bernstein

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Yes, I am far afield here, but too many years of hours of traveling for outdoors stuff helped me become addicted to radio, especially sports talk. The Patrick Kane saga made me remember Roger Ebert talking about Steve Dahl.

I hope I am paraphrasing this right that Ebert, the lion of the Sun-Times, once said you turned to Dahl when major news broke for the most insightful response.

Of course that was back when Dahl was a lion in his own right. In his day, Dahl could break out of his usual nonsense and get to the heart of major news, generally with a wicked sense of humor. And I do mean wicked.

I think the mantle for that role of being the most insightful on the radio has been passed to Terry Boers and Dan Bernstein. Ninety percent of the time, the two self-described idiots, are just sports talkers in the afternoon on The Score (670-AM).

But it is that 10 percent of the time when they break to honest heart of stuff like the Kane story that make them essential listening. They are going on three hours of talk on Kane and even my 17-year-old (who 90 percent of the time prefers not being in the same room with me) is glued to the talk.

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