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Redone 95th ramp: ``Jesus, it's beautiful''

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That's George Drozd helping load his buddy's Lund at 95th Street Thursday around lunch.

And the 75-year-old retired pipefitter from the Southeast Side described the new dock well, ``Jesus, it's beautiful.''

I gave a quick check of the new dock with Ted Koski, the Centerline Construction owner and one of the originators of RAMP, Thursday. That was a day I never expected to see before preparations for the Olympics.

This holiday weekend will be a good test for it. But from the perch fishermen I watched, it should be a vast improvement.

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The ramp has been a long time comming. Now Daley will lease it out to some business and charge an arm and a leg for it. Oops, at $22.00 to launch I can't see it getting much more expensive than that.

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