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Luck of the blind draw: None in sight

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I had high hopes for the waterfowl blind draw at Kankakee River State Park today.


Biologist Bob Massey and his daughter Taylor conducted the draw for 20 blinds at KRSP and six at Momence Wetlands.

For the first time, with my kids all in school, I decided to try to get in the draw. Had no luck. But at least I have some ideas for the future.

The draw drew maybe a couple hundred, nothing like the thousands that descend on sites along the Illinois River for their draws.

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Got my one and only goose in Illinois out of the blind on the shore down from Warner Bridge years ago.

Years ago I could get out during the week. I figured who ever drew the blind probably only got out on weekends, and I was right. So I went a few times. If the draw winner isn't in the blind a half hour before shooting time, then it's first come first serve.

I wouldn't be so bummed if I were you. I believe your schedule allows you to get out during the week. There are also some spots on the Fox River. All of them are first come first serve. I have the map. I'll show you where. Again, virtually nobody goes during the week.

One ahead of you Ken. I got there about noon for the draw and had a couple hours to pick up some good suggestions for blinds reachable by walking or wading, and already am making plans in my head. If only the ducks will cooperate some morning I can get out.

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