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Illinois first: Nesting American white pelicans

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For more than a decade, American white pelicans have shifted east to become an odd but common sight along the Illinois River valley, and in the past several years even common as far east as Braidwood Lake. Apparently, they are becoming more than visitors.

Word comes of the first documented nesting of American white pelicans in Illinois, found on an island in the Mississippi River.

For photos by Steve Patterson of Illini Images on, click here.

I asked my friend and naturalist/author Joel Greenberg how important it was and he replied:

``I think it is highly significant that pelicans have been found nesting in IL- it is the first time such a thing has ever been reported. They started nesting in two places in WI, and now our state.''

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Wow, this is great news. I live in the area and have watched the bald eagles and their nest and now white pelicans. Any word on whereabouts on Braidwood Lake they can be found?

I have seen them all over Braidwood when they are around. Sometimes the numbers are quite. If they are around, they are hard to miss.

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