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IDNR situation: ``Fluid''

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I hoped to do a story on what the impacts the Springfield budget mess will have on the IDNR, but director Marc Miller didn't have much to report on the ``fluid'' situation.

In fact, when I reached him, they were in the middle of trying to sort through what various scenarios might mean.

``It is hard to say how things will play out for the agency,'' Miller said.

If Illinois doesn't solve the budget shortfall, there will be major impacts statewide and the IDNR will not be spared.

I'm sorry, but I don't see any realistic solutions beside raising taxes. No, I am not fond of higher taxes and fees, but they sure are preferable to a cut in services, especially when it comes to the services provided by the IDNR.

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I am not sure why they have not been able to pass the fare increases. I know the tax increase has not won much support, but aren't the IDNR fees separate? It looks like Quinn insn't much of a Gov so far.

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