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Fish of the Week: Summer patterns

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It's symbolic of Chicago summers, this 5.5-pound bass caught from waters of the southwest suburbs by Paul Cook. And a worthy mid-summer Fish of the Week.


FOTW tops the Midwest Fishing Report each Wednesday in the Sun-Times. An extended online version usually appears here by midnight Tuesday.

Here's Cook's story:

I was wading at my usual southwest suburban spot on the July 3rd evening. Caught a number of small bass on senko's, and once dusk hit I switched to a white buzz bait. I caught a couple small bass on the buzz, and then got hit by a big one. It got caught up in some weeds so i had to go deeper, almost to the lip of my waders. I was able to grab it and bring it to shore for a quick pic, weight and then easy release. Weight was 5.5 pounds. My first big fish of the year and hopefully more to come. Please put this into submission for Fish of the week honors.

Works for me. May we all have more big fish.

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