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Fish of the Week: ``Out of this world'' bluegill

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Kirk Harootunian is catching ``out of this world'' 10-inch-plus hybrid bluegill from a Lake County pond, and earns Fish of the Week honors for the story as much as the size.


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The Highland Park man, who runs a home theater/residential electronics business and fishes around the area, said,

I would like to submit this catch for the FOTW! This is a HUGE hybrid bluegill caught on a worm in Lake County IL. There is a local pond that grows these great bluegills. Not sure if it's a record or anything, but these fish are out of this world!


Illinois does not list a record for hybrid bluegills. The bluegill record is 3 1/2 pounds and was caught by Darren May from a Jasper County farm pond on May 10, 1987.

I had to ask Harootunian if they are public waters he is fishing and he sent this back:

The ponds are "sort of" available! Actually they are probably private housing development ponds, but there are no "no fishing" signs posted and are next to a walking pathway, so we're not sure if it is okay to fish or not, never had any problems though, as long as we are the only ones who know! It's our little "secret spot" and we'd like to keep it that way! We also catch largemouth bass and large channel catfish in the same ponds.

If you fish suburban and urban waters seriously, you pretty much know exactly what he means by `` `sort of' available.''

I would more than ``sort of'' like to catch bluegills like that again.

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