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CPOs on 4th: OUIs and much more

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Illinois CPOs issued more than 600 citations over the last two weekends including the holiday one. That included some 38 for OUI (operating under the influence). Maybe it helped. For the first 4th holiday since 2005 there were no boating fatalities.

Complete release is below:

Conservation Police Officers Crack Down on Drunk Boating

Operation Dry Water results in over 600 citations over 2 weekends

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) announced today, that this past 4th of July weekend was one of the safest on Illinois waters in recent years. Conservation Police report there were no fatal boat accidents on Illinois waters during the three-day holiday weekend.

"We are thrilled that people for the most part decided to put safety first this past weekend," said IDNR Director Marc Miller. "I encourage all boaters and anglers to keep that frame of mind the rest of the summer as they head out to have a good time on the water."

"This is the first 4th of July holiday since 2005 that we have not had a boating-related fatality during the holiday weekend," said IDNR Illinois Boating Law Administrator, Sgt. Joe Morelock. "While there were still quite a few people who made the poor decision to operate under the influence, over all it was a very safe weekend."

Operation Dry Water was a stepped up enforcement over the past two weekends to crack down on those operating under the influence (OUI) of alcohol or drugs. Over the course of the two weekends (June 26-28 and July 3 - 5), Conservation Police Officers (CPO's) issued 38 citations for OUI, 30 of which came during the 4th of July weekend.

"Our officers issued a total of 603 citations over the two weekends for everything from OUI to not having enough life jackets on the vessel to other safety issues," said IDNR Conservation Police Chief Rafael Gutierrez. "Officers also issued 581 written warnings, but we feel that all in all, most of the people out on the waters were doing their part to play it safe."


The following is a list of statistics compiled by the IDNR office of Law Enforcement:

4th of July Holiday citations

2009 (July 3-5)
Fatalities - 0
DUI - 6
OUI - 30
Careless/Reckless - 1

2008 (July 4-6)
Fatalities - 1
DUI - 5
OUI - 18
Careless/Reckless - 3

2007 (July 4-8)
Fatalities - 2
DUI- 1
OUI- 35
Careless/Reckless - 8

2006 (June 30 - July 4)
Fatalities - 1

2005 (July 1 - 4)
Fatalities - 0
DUI - 0
OUI -29
Careless/Reckless -1

For more information on boating statistics, you can go to the IDNR website at and click on law enforcement.

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