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Conservation Congress revived: A couple thoughts

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Conservation Congress, a throwback idea from former IDNR director Brent Manning's reign, is being revived.

I think this is an important recognition of the need for public input into the IDNR. On that level, I am all for it.

On another level, I sometimes thought CC siphoned off the fire and passion of the wild-eyed idealists common in outdoor pursuits, in essence neutering them in the grind of the committee process.

From the same announcement as the one on John Rogner:

Governor Quinn also announced that Illinois citizens interested in conservation issues are invited to participate in the new Illinois Conservation Congress.

"The mission of the new Conservation Congress will be to propose and advocate actions to protect and conserve the natural resources of Illinois, and ensure through professional management the sustainable use, recreational opportunities, and enjoyment of those resources," said Director Miller.

The new Illinois Conservation Congress will focus on youth recruitment and retention, public access, and funding issues. Committees of the Natural Resources Advisory Board will meet with interested citizens and constituent groups this summer and fall, with the new Conservation Congress convening at the IDNR headquarters in Springfield on Oct. 24-25. More information on public involvement opportunities through the new Conservation Congress is available on the IDNR website at

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